PDA Jacket Skins for the Pocket PC Phone Edition
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If you read the Pocket PC Phone newsgroups, you're likely to see the following "The paint on my Pocket PC is coming off". Some people have units which seem to have a predisposition to the paint rubbing off. I don't, but I feel y0' pain folks. That said, we've always said get a case from EB Cases or Vaja, the included one is crummy and the metal clips on the inside scratch the phone (sorry, it's true). There's also another option besides a case, protective (and colorful) skins from PDA Jacket.

The folks from PDA Jacket make lots of skins for many PDAs. what are they? They're kinda like stickers for the Pocket PC. We ordered Orange, Black, Blue, Purple and Yellow- check the site (links at the end of this review) for more color options there are TONS.

Application: You need a steady hand to apply these, I unfortunately am about as steady as Catherine Hepburn after an all night Starbucks bender, so you might want to grab a glass of wine to "settle down" first if you know what I mean. If you're good at pulling on screen protectors, then these won't be that hard to apply (if you mess up, then expect some bubbles and seams). The web site shows you how, make sure yo read it.

There's also a lid, we didn't use itthis round since we have a screen protector. Stay tuned, when we put it on our device, we'll post it up.

Overall, these puppies are pretty sweet, our Pocket PC Phone is not only protected, it's slightly less slippery but the lead story is you can personalize your Pocket PC Phone just like other phones with face plates, cept' these are stickers. Remember, once these are put on the device, that's it, you can't take them off and put them on again, so they're one-time only.

Here's a suggestion for T-mobile (and anyone else) phone are part of our lives, they're perhaps the most pervasive piece of technology most of us will have, please make every phone customizable inside and out, faceplates to dialers to caller id, to ring tones. Oh, another thing T-Mobile- where heck are my freaking accessories I ordered 2 months ago? I love ya'll (and Zeta is dreamy) but really, I just want my stuff before 2003, thanks.

Back to the skins, should you get them? Sure, they're cheap ($7 or so) they protect your Pocket PC phone, and if you were the type of kid that put stickers on your bike, then these are pretty cool.

Click here for all Pocket PC Phone stuff from PDA Jacket.

Click here for the Lid.

Click here for the Skins.

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